About Magnetic Solutions

Magnetic Solutions (NZ) Ltd Import and Distribute Magnets and Magnetic Hardware throughout New Zealand. We Manufacture and Supply Industries in the Mining, Nutritional, Agricultural, Engineering, Plastics and many others with Custom Design, Inline, Over Conveyor, Plate Magnets, Head Roller Magnets and other Magnetic Hardware for many different applications. Also offered is a written Certification Service using our Yearly Certified Gauss Meters.

Safety Around Magnets
Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt are the strongest of the commercial magnets, followed by Ceramic Ferrite and Alnico. Extra care must be taken around children and when handling them, the larger the magnet, the more the necessity. Wear safety glasses and use gloves to avoid pinching the skin if the magnets are permitted to attract. Magnets can shatter if they to slam together and sharp splinters can be the resultant.

Pacemakers, electronic devices, phones, discs, credit cards, video tapes, watches and other magnets can have there normal properties altered or damaged permanently or otherwise by the presence of strong magnets.