Pot Magnets

Pot Magnets

Pot or Cap Magnets substantially increase the holding ability of disc and ring magnets that are fixed permanently and located in the centre of the steel pot or cap. The lower side of the magnet is in direct contact with bottom of the pot and the top side of the magnet is fractionally lower than the top edges of the pot. The outside diameter of the magnet less than the inside diameter of the pot, leaving a 2-4 mm spacing around the magnet which is generally filled with resin. A very strong locking field exists around the perimeter of the pot between the top of the magnet and the pot top edge returning the reverse side field. Alternative mounting options are available as shown in the photos.

Pot magnets are ideally suited to lock directly, with full contact, to flat steel for a very strong adhesion that is removable and re-useable. Pot Magnets have hold values starting at 2kg through to 170kg. There uses are unlimited, for holding many things: eg. Wiring to steel beams, portable lead lamps, banners, flags, rubbish bags, building paper to steel beams, lifting, locating, locking, signs, eddy current braking, removable clearance lights on vehicles and untold other uses.

Types available in order of strength: Neodymium, Ceramic Ferrite and Alnico.

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With HoleA, B & C
POTH1616X3.5X5mm4Kg Pull
POTH2020x4.5x7mm6Kg Pull
POTH2525x5.5x8mm14Kg Pull
POTH3636x6.5x9mm29Kg Pull
POTH4848x8.5x11.5mm63Kg Pull
POTH6060x8.5x15mm95Kg Pull
POTH7575x10.5x18mm155Kg Pull
POTH8888x19x18mm190Kg Pull
POTCS1616X3.5X54Kg Pull
POTCS2020x4.5x76Kg Pull
POTCS2525x5.5x814Kg Pull
POTCS3636x6.5x929Kg Pull
POTCS4242x6.5x940Kg Pull
POTCS4848x8.5x11.563Kg Pull
POTCS6060x8.5x15mm112Kg Pull
Internal Thread Plus HookSizeType
POTIT2020mmx11mm M6 ThreadInt Thread
POTIT2525mm with hook21Kg
POTIT33R33mmx22mm 6mm threadBlk Resin Seal
POTIT3636mm with hook48Kg
POTIT6060mm with hook107Kg
External ThreadSizeType
POTET1616x4x5 M44Kg Pull
POTET2525x5x8 M514Kg Pull
POTET4848x8x11.5 M863Kg Pull
CodeRefferenceSize in "mm"HoleType
With HoleA, B & CB
POTHF25SPSF02084 C/S25x4.5x7mm4.5mm
POTHF32SPSF02085 C/S32x5x7mm5mm2Kg
POTHF3636mm POT (RB45)36x4.8x7mm4.8mm3Kg
POTHF40SPSF02086 C/S40x5.5x8mm5.5mm5Kg
POTHF40A40mm POT Int. thread40mmxM5x8mmM55Kg
POTHF6767mm POT67x6.5x9.5mm6.5mm28Kg
POTHF6767mm POT67x18x9.5mm18mm28Kg
POTHF88F88 - 88x19mm88x13.5x19mm13mm43Kg
POTHF90SPSF00056 Taxi90x10x12mm10mm43Kg
POTHR90CPRB00287 Rubber Boot90mm to suit POTHF9010mm
US7215721531x5mm3mm4lb Pull
US72167216 (RB45)36x7mm5mm16lb Pull
US7217721752x8mm5mm25lb Pull
US72227222 (RB70)67x9.5mm7/18mm65lb Pull
US72237223 (RB80)80x10mm7mm90lb Pull
Alnico Button/Pot Magnets (<550 Degrees C)
AB2012 HBNAL0027612.7mm 0.6KgButton
AB2019KBNAL0027819.1mm x 1.8 KgButton
DPAL00282DPAL002829.5mm Deep Pot
DPAL00283DPAL0028312.7mmDeep Pot
DPAL00284DPAL0028417mmDeep Pot
DPAL00285DPAL00285 M6 27/25 - 6.1 KgDeep Pot
DPAL00286DPAL00286 M635/30 - 14.75 KgDeep Pot
SPAL00080SPAL0008019x3.5x7.6Shallow Pot
SPAL00083SPAL0008338.1x10.35 - 13KgShallow Pot